Here it is my propsal and it needs some fixes, please follow the comments and notes below:




Notes on proposal:


Play titles just need to be italicized and not in quotation. Please review MLA guidelines esp. before final project.


A good opening here although "his message" is what? After the last sentence on metaphors, word play, insults (good, clear prediction of the paper) you need the "so what"? What is the message?


Good points on Shylock but this portion is most effective when you talk about Portia as the character with the most jokes. Focus on just her and Beatrice, perhaps.


Also, when you cite a critic, put in text citation with the words of the critic. Use quotation marks if you are using the words of the critic. 


Good works cited! Glad you did some interesting research.


End your proposal with some words that conclude your proposed argument. Be clear as to why you are studying both plays instead of just one. What does the comparison bring you that just one does not? Also consider narrowing your characters you will study or clarifying the KIND of jokes you will be discussing (ie word play? sexual innuendos?)


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