Sex work around the world (Human Trafficking)


use two sentences, explainig each question.  make the answers easy.

the class is talking about human sexuality


Topic: Sex work around the world (main focus: Human Trafficking)


1.       Where do the people who are trafficked generally come from? Is it usually willingly or not?  History (geography)

2.       How are human traffickers getting the people they traffic? Obtaining people

3.       What is the difference between human trafficking and sex work, also what type of human trafficking is there? Myths and facts

4.       How are people getting into target countries and how are they usually treated? Process of trafficking

5.       What typically happens to people being trafficked once they arrive to destination, or how are people affected both physically and mentally after being trafficked and surviving? Outcome

6.       What steps are countries taking or cloud countries take to prevent trafficking? Prevention


     For Q6:

1-      Add annotated bibliography


2-       Find an article about (PREVENTION) and give some facts/statistics from the article. 

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