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FINAL PROJECT.   For your final project, you will choose a theme, find three different expressions of that theme in the humanities disciplines, describe the three different presentations, and offer an analysis and reflection.

  • The skills you need for this assignment will be developed and practiced in discussions and other assignments throughout the term
  • You will explore new resources for this assignment, and also reflect on what you've learned in the course, but this is not a traditional research paper  
  • You will apply concepts and skills you learn in the class to three different art forms
  • Although Part 1 and Part 2 are not heavily weighted, they are required, so your instructor can offer guidance as you work on the project.

Part 1. 

Choose one of the following themes or propose one of your own.  Explain the reasons for your choice.  

  • A particular emotion or state of mind--love, anger, jealousy, fear, gratitude, confusion, etc.
  • A fairy tale, myth, fable, or classic story
  • A religious or spiritual lesson—humility, hope, enlightenment, etc.
  • A political or social theme--justice and injustice, social inequality, social progress, political conflict, etc.
  • Representations of gender, race, ethnicity
  • A character (real or mythical)
  • Natural forces or elements of the natural world, like weather, animals, landscapes, etc.

This assignment is due by end of the third week of class on Sunday by 11:30PM ET.

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