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Week 1 Summary Review Questions




1.Describe the features of a project?  What is the main difference between daily operations and a project?




2. True or False? Projects are developed in steps that progress in increments, starting with the more detailed aspects of the project and progressively moving to a high level definition of the project.




3. Describe the triple constraint and what they are based on.  When is a project considered complete?




4. True or False?  Each progress phase demands careful planning and monitoring.




5. Describe each project phase and its output.




6. Describe the skills needed by a project manager during the monitoring/controlling phase..




7. True or False? A project should not be started if there is risk.




8. Give three examples of why IT projects are different compared to non-IT projects.




9. True or False? Most projects are moderately successful.




10. True or False? The rate of technology change does not have an impact on IT projects.


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