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Standard Operating Procedure Assignment



As a manager, you may need to write a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at some point. SOP’s are developed so that certain situations may be handled consistently – you and your team don’t need to reinvent a solution every time the situation occurs.


You most certainly will need to make certain that your employees are following all of the relevant SOP’s which already exist!  So…. They will be a big part of your life as a manager.


For this exercise, you need to write an SOP that is to be followed in the following situation:

·      A guest has presented a credit card upon check-in

·      That card was authorized for the estimated final bill amount when they checked in, but subsequently, the guest has been charging quite a bit to their guest room account – in the restaurant and bar, the gift shop, and the spa.

·      When the Property Management System (PMS) automatically attempted to get an approval for the additional amount the guest has charged, the authorization was declined.

·      The hotel needs to get assurance that the guest can pay their bill before they check out.


Your SOP must address the following:

·      To which employees (position) would this SOP apply?|Think about EVERY employee (position) that could be impacted by this situation – not just the front desk.

·      List the specific steps that must be taken to resolve this problem. 

·      List the specific steps that must be taken if the guest cannot produce a secondary form of payment.

·      You may include a flowchart if you wish.


Your SOP will be graded based upon:

1.     Professional language

2.     Clarity of the process

3.     Consideration of the possible outcomes of the situation

4.     Protection of the hotel assets (payment for the bill).

5.     Protection of the hotel reputation (guest potentially upset).


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