See below - nursing related


Please answer each question – total response should consist of 550-600 words.


Seminar Option 2: Please respond to the questions below in a word document. Your response should be composed in complete sentences and be 550-600 words in length total.


• How much carbohydrate and fat should the following people eat -- an athlete, a person with diabetes, and a person that heart disease and high cholesterol.


• Do you think specific minerals or dietary supplements in general should be regulated by the federal government just as prescription drugs are regulated? Why or why not?


This below should be in essay format: In this Assignment, please answer the following in a minimum of 300 words: Access the website, then explain what the FDA is. How does regulation of supplements such as minerals verses medications differ in relation to distribution, monitoring, and recalls. What are your feelings on the regulations of supplements such as minerals by the FDA?

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