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See Below--Not enough space here for it.

After reviewing readings on the exclusionary review in your textbook, go to








Notice the examples on this site and your cases in your textbook provide for evidence that is admissible or inadmissible under the exclusionary rule. Now create two examples of your own that apply the exclusionary rule. In the first, provide an example where the exclusionary rule would make the evidence inadmissible. In the second, create a scenario where an exception to the exclusionary rule would allow the evidence to be admissible. Be sure to include the rationale for why the evidence is admissible or inadmissible in your example.
Please make certain that you have cited and referenced in accordance with APA 6th Edition Format.  This means that you must cite inside of your post as well as referencing at the end. This is just a discussion question, there are not a required amount of words on this. I need it back by today @ 11:00 P.M so 10 hours from now. Textbook is: 


Harr, J. S., Hess, M. H., & Orthmann, C. H. (2012). Constitutional law and the criminal justice system (5th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

The same one we been using.


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