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For this assignment, review the Texas Bill of Rights (attached to this assignment link) and think of it in comparison to our national Bill of Rights (outlined in the first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution). I want you to type (in complete sentences) an explanation of the protections that are the same between both bills of rights and also identify those protections in the Texas Bill of Rights that are not included in the U.S. Bill of Rights. This is meant to be a detailed comparison - section by section - explaining which protections are the same between the Texas Bill of Rights and the U.S. Bill of Rights, as well as which ones are different.


You will need to type your answers into a word processing document (such as Microsoft Word) and submit your attachment through this assignment link. Be sure to save your document as a .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf file prior to submission.  If you submit the assignment as any other file type it will not be graded. If you submit the assignment through email, the assignment will not be graded. In addition to submitting your activity through this activity link, you will also need to submit your activity through the Turnitin Activity link. Submissions must be made to both the activity assignment link and the Turnitin Activity link by the deadline in order to receive credit.


Remember, late submissions are not accepted. Your answers must be in complete sentences or you will not be given credit for the answer. Take care not to plagiarize from any sources in completing this assignment.


I have attached the Texas Bill of Rights and here is the link to the US Bill of Rights 


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