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A1 – Purpose in Art

We will begin with understanding artistic purpose through art and media. In Art, narrative is difficult to define yet can be described in an overview. For this course, narrative refers to a message that is translated from artist to artist, from artist to viewer or from a work of art to the world. What is being communicated is considered the narrative message. A viewer may look for clues within an artwork to assist in ‘reading’ its narrative. No matter the application, our responsibility as human beings is to locate the narrative and use its clues to determine message. A key to locating message is to understand purpose.

Your task will be:

  1. List the six purposes of art. For each purpose, describe something you currently own, or have access to, which best represents it. In your description, include what your example means to you (what its message is). Know that the purposes of art may overlap, and your chosen example may fall into more than one of the six purposes. 

You will want to make your arguments clear, describing your choices and why you chose them. You will succeed in this assignment if:

  1. You demonstrate a strong understanding of the six purposes.
  2. You are creative in your chosen examples. 
  3. You think and write considering the five senses: touch, taste, feel, sight and sound as descriptors. 

The goal of the assignment is not to mirror the textbook examples but to apply understanding of the concepts behind the six purposes and provide strong examples to demonstrate them.  You may include supporting images as attached files. Remember to cite your sources. If there are no sources used, please indicate so by typing: No references, all personal knowledge.

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