See the attached file for questioins


2.         Simplify the following expression:  



3.         Graph the following equation:



4.         Given f(x) = 2x – 8, find f(3).

5.         Solve the following inequality. Give each result in set notation and graph it:



6.         Solve the following inequality. Write the solution in interval notation and graph it.



7.         Simplify the following expression fully:



8.         Simplify the following product.


                                     ß Check this against your problem

9.         Solve the equation 7(x + 5) = x – 1  ß Check this against your problem


10.       Completely factor the following expression: 16m4 – 1.

11.       Write the numeral 0.0072 in scientific notation.

12.       Perform the indicated operation and simplify completely.



13.       Solve the following equation for r:   d = rt


            Dividing both sides by t gives:


14.       Solve the system of equations given below.


                        3x + y = 12

                        x – y – 2z = 10

                        2x + 3y + 5z = -7

15.       Do the following two lines intersect? Answer yes or no, together with the point of             intersection, if any.


                        5x + 6y = -5.5

                        6x + 1.5y = -8.5

16.       Compute the determinant:





17.       Compute the distance between the two points   and  

18.       Rationalize the denominator of  

19.       The volume (V) of a cylinder with radius (r) and height (h) is given by V = πr2h.

            Solve this formula for r.




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