Security Policy



For the first project, you researched the impact of legislation on the selected organization's information security program. For the second project, you researched information security standards used by the selected organization. For the third project, you created a sample cybersecurity profile addressing the security posture of the selected organization. This project incorporates the results from the first three projects into a final security analysis. For this  project, you will create an executive summary presentation describing the selected organization's security posture and your recommendations for improvement. You will also write an executive memorandum outlining your findings and your recommendations. Think of this assignment in terms of your own job. Apply the same standards and professionalism you would use for your superiors.


Learning Objectives

After completing this project, students will be able to


1. Evaluate the security posture of the organization and communicate the findings in an executive-level summary presentation and briefing memorandum.



There are two deliverables for this project. Submit your memorandum to the appropriate TurnItIn assignment area by the due date. Turnitin score cannot exceed 20%

Submit your presentation to LEO by the due date.


Executive Presentation:

Your final executive summary presentation should be 15–20 slides. Your executive summary presentation, at a minimum, should

  1. cover the impact of legislation on your organization (3–4 slides)
  2. describe the information security standards applicable to your organization (3–4 slides)
  3. summarize the key elements of your organization's cybersecurity profile (findings/recommendations) (3–4 slides)
  4. You should also have a Cover slide, an Agenda slide, a Summary/Conclusion slide(s), and a References slide (using proper APA guidelines).
  5. Use the Notes pages to complete the slides. Your slides and notes pages should stand alone.

Executive Memo:

Your final executive summary memorandum should be two (2) full pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins, in New Times Roman 12-pitch font. Memorandums not meeting the full two-page minimum will lose points. Your memorandum should, at a minimum, include a summary of the three major areas of your executive presentation (see above).

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