Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment: Community Health Profiles


As a public health professional, it is likely that you will be asked to gather quantitative data to develop a community health profile. Community health profiles include data on information such as morbidity and mortality rate, population size, and other characteristics. This information is most accurately depicted though quantitative data in a community health profile.

In this Assignment, you look at the community public health problem you identified for your Scholar-Practitioner Project in the context of similar national and international data in developing a community health profile summary.

The Assignment (4-5 pages):

Submit 4-5 pages community health profile for your Scholar-Practitioner Project. Include a summary of the following:

  • Recent local, state, and regional quantitative sociodemographic, morbidity, and mortality data
  • Recent national or international quantitative  sociodemographic, morbidity, and mortality data
  • Recent local, state, and regional quantitative data related to one factor contributing to the identified problem
  • The relevancy of these findings to the problem you identified
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