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Submitted by Asma on Wed, 2012-03-07 12:58
due on Sun, 2012-03-11 12:56
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Sales budget

Please find attached file.

Submitted by tanzeelafzal02 on Wed, 2012-03-07 13:46
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100% effort

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....see attachment....

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M10 Assignment

xxxxxx 10 Assignment:
True Note xxxxx Company manufactures two xxxxxx of speakers, xx and XL. xxxx Note posted xxx following xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx data xxx xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxx
xx XL
Estimated xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx November x380 xxx
Desired xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx November xx xxx xxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxx volume xx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx region 2,9502,100
xxxx sales xxxxx$120xxxx
x xxxxxxx x sales xxxxxxx
xxxx Note Audio xxxxxxx
Sales Budget
xxx the xxxxx xxxxxx November
xxxxxxx xxx region xxxx xxxxx volume Unit xxxxxxx price Total xxxxx
North Region
xx4,400 $120$528,000
xx 3,200 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Region
xx xxxxxxxxx $354,000
xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx
1 xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
True Note xxxxx xxxxxxx
Production Budget
For the month ending xxxxxxxx
Desired salesxxxxx5,300
desired xxxxxxxxx in xxxxx xxxxxx
7,800 5,410
estimated xxxxxxxxx xx units on 1 november380140
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx units xxxxx5,270

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Submitted by rubyCpaMba on Tue, 2013-12-17 01:06
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True Note Audio Company__ 100% correct answers w/ Solutions !! ACCOUNTANT you can trust!!

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xxxxxxxx Answers attached. xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx excel file to xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxx xx xx x GUIDE !

xxxx xxxx x  I wish xxx xxx xxxxx

xxx issues xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx first xx xx can settle xx properly.


file1.xlsx preview (146 words)

M10 xxxxxxxxxx

Module 10 xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx Note xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx DL and xxx xxxx Note xxxxxx xxx following production and sales xxxx for xxx xxxxx of November.
Estimated xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in units xxxxxxxx 30xxxxxx
Expected sales volume xx xxxxxx
North xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
South xxxxxx xxxxx 2,100
Unit sales xxxxxxxxx xxxx
xPrepare x sales budget.
xxxx Note xxxxx xxxxxxx
Sales Budget
For xxx xxxxx xxxxxx November
xxxxxxx and xxxxxx Unit sales xxxxxxUnit selling xxxxxTotal xxxxx
xx computations:
xxxxx xxxxxx 4,400 $120 xxxxxxxxxxxx + xxxx = xxxx
xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx$120354,000 4400 x 120 x 528000
xxxxx DL Sales 7,350 $120 $882,000 2950 x 120 x xxxxxx
XL528000 x 354000 = xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $544,000
South Region 2,100$170357,000xxxx x 170 x 544000
Total xx Sales xxxxxxxxx $901,000 2100 x 170 = 357000
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxx x xxxxxx
882000 + 901000 = xxxxxxx
xPrepare x production xxxxxxx
True xxxx Audio xxxxxxx
Production xxxxxx
xxx xxx month ending xxxxxxxx
xx xx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx Volumexxxxxxxxxx
Add: xxxxxxx Ending xxxxxxxxxx xxxx 30 xxx 110
Total xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Less: xxxxxxxxx Inventory, Nov. 1380xxx
Total xxxxxxxx Units xx be xxxxxxxx 7,420 5,270

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