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1. Review Sam Taylor-Wood video: Still Life by Sam Taylor-Wood, 4 m.

2. Locate and photograph an object, location, or element(s) consistently, over time.

3. Arrange the photographs in chronological order (no more than 15).

4. Insert images within a word or ppt file. 

5. Convert the file to a pdf--for easy upload.

6. Include a one-page, double-spaced response.

7. Or, write a free-verse poem under each image (within a word file).

8. Do not describe the photos.  Think about what the images present/mean to you as a metaphor.


Helpful Writing Tips:


  • The photos remind me that…
  • How would you describe your body of artwork?
  • Why did you choose this particular art process or subject matter?
  • How do you feel about your art?
  • What discoveries did you make through this process?
  • What narratives or stories emerge through your art?
  • When looking at your art, what specific discoveries come to mind?


Important Considerations:

1. Keep lighting consistent and avoid back-lighting.

3. Keep camera angle/perspective consistent.

3. Consider "motion" as a factor.


*See attached project ideas as prompts.  Be creative.  Be unique.  




do it within 4 hours.

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