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Topic: Is there a lack of funds at Schneider Regional Medical Center in St. Thomas.






in the Introduction of your Research Paper [about 3 pages] you will Define and Explain or describe the approved Problem You’re Researching, then Explore Causes, and especially Effects, of that Problem to Establish Why Your Clearly Targeted Audience Should Care about Your Proposal.)




(The Body of Your Problem/Solution Research Paper [4 pages] will support the Thesis in Your Introduction in a very logical, organized, interesting set of paragraphs, each with its own clear and specific topic sentence.  In other words, this is where you Explain Your Own Proposed Solution to the Problem You’ve Selected, in Detail, and also Where You Respectfully Acknowledge Possible Intelligent Objections and at Least One Possible Intelligent Alternate Solution.)




the Conclusion of the Research Paper [1 pages] will Focus on Evaluating Your Proposed Solution to a Problem at UVI or in a local community you know well, compared and contrasted to One Other Solution to the Same, or a very similar Problem, Proposed by Someone Else.) 






Please have 2 expert interviews and 3 people who are affected interviews.


Develop a possible solution and explain your solution.


Develop a response to objections and 1 alternate solution. (small)






Here are question I was going to use for the interviews.


Questions for Experts


What is your position at the hospital? Use a Dr and a Manager


What do you think of the budget of the hospital?


What problems does the hospital have with the budget?


Why are those problems occurring?


What do you think in your opinion would help the hospital?


Do you think the hospital will get better or do you think it will go under?


Questions for affected interviews


With the hospitals beget problem how has it affected you?


Why do you think the hospital has a budget problem?


What would you do to fix the budget?


Where is the main problem with the budget?


Has it affected you or anyone you know in anyway?      


Known problems at the hospital:


Patients do not pay their medical bills. Why, majority of the islanders are poor and do not have insurance.


To many high paid mangers making it top heavy. Why, crooked system to have more leadership positions.


Upgrades that were unnecessary for the hospital waste of money. Why, upgraded the pulmonary section while there is no pulmonary Dr on the island. Bought big sign for the hospital that was unnecessary for it is the only hospital on the island.


Lack of funds to pay Dr's and Nurses base pay and bonus. Why, managers get paid before Drs and nurses.


Insufficient supplies send most patients to Puerto Rico.


Lack of nurses in all floors. Why they offer low incentives and pay to keep the nurses and would rather keep managers.




Payback program for the patients at half the cost.


Eliminate some of the top heavy positions in management.


Eliminate unnecessary purchases in future upgrades.




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