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The Highpoint Department of Corrections instituted a literacy program in 2007. The primary purpose of the program is to increase the literacy levels of inmates who are currently incarcerated in the Highpoint Regional Corrections Facility. The program consists of supervised reading sessions for inmates in which the inmates read with a tutor for 1 hour twice per week. Inmates volunteer to participate in the program and 30% of the 2,000 inmates participate in the program. Inmates were given a reading assessment upon beginning the program and receive a new assessment each year.


As part of the Governor’s new fiscal austerity program, all Department of Corrections’ programs are under review. You are a consultant with a policy analysis firm and have been given the responsibility for designing an evaluation for this program. In your design, please address the following:


-Research question


-Dependent, independent, and control variables


-Research design


-Sampling design


-Method of data collection


-Method of data analysis

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