Risk Management 7


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1. Long-term care insurance will be needed by an increasing number of Americans in the next few decades. But why isn't it popular now? Are there any problems with the current U.S. system to deliver long-term care? What are they? What is the purpose of long-term care insurance?


2. What will an insurer do if it learns that an applicant misstated his or her age on a life insurance application? Buster Brow knowingly tells the insurer his age is 28 when he is actually 38. What effect will this lie have on his insurance contract? What action should the insurer if the misstatement is found out after Buster dies?


part 2

Planning For the Future (Part II)

This assignment picks up from where your assignment in Unit VI left off. Using your Unit VI assignment, add an additional section to your PowerPoint presentation. In this new section include:

The basic features of a life insurance contract and their purpose.

Definitions of insured, the owner, and the beneficiary.

Explanation of the insure

d’s rights when ending a cash value life insurance policy.

Explanation of the effect of an insured’s suicide on the insurer’s duty to pay proceeds.

Description of the insured’s right to borrow a policy’s cash value.   

  The five different ways a beneficiary ma


y take proceeds after the insured’s death.


Explanation of extra-cost options and why some are more valuable than others.

This new section should include at least 10 more slides. Make sure to update your reference slide to include any additional resources. Save the entire file as a PDF and submit your assignment to your professor.

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