Risk Management 6


Part 1

Written Responses:

  • Unless otherwise indicated, there is a 250 word minimumresponse required.
  • Credible reference materials, including your course textbook(s), may be used to complete the assessment.
    • If you have questions regarding the credibility of your reference, please contact your professor.
  • APA Information
    • In-text and reference citations are required for allwritten responses.
    • REQUIRED FOR UPLOADED ASSIGNMENTS ONLY:title page, margins, header, double spacing, and hanging indentation
    • For questions concerning APA formatting, please refer to the APA Guidelines found at the Student Resources link on your Course Menu.

Please do not copy and paste from the interent and list question answer together.

1. Students in college are sometimes sold "college special" policies designed for seniors. So, is it wise for college students to buy life insurance while they are still in college? What are some arguments on both sides of this issue?


2. Develop a set of family circumstances where each of term insurance and whole life insurance are the most appropriate type of policy to meet the consumer's needs. Explain why a whole life insurance policy requires a larger premium than a term insurance.



Part 2

Planning For the Future

As part of their career services department, a local career college has asked you, a seasoned insurance agent, to put together a PowerPoint presentation for the students. The majority of these students are single moms in their late twenties,early thirties. The Career Services Manager wants you to emphasize the importance of planning for the future. Your presentation should include:

Differentiation between term life insurance, whole life insurance, and annuities with an explanation of the pros and cons of all three.

Importance of estate planning to everyone.

How taxation affects life insurance benefits.

Discussion of the flexible investment options available with variable life insurance policies, and how to calculate the amount of life insurance needed.

Research on three other points that your “students” will need to know when making decision about th

eir future money and insurance needs. Be thorough in your explanation about why these points are important.

Your PowerPoint presentation should include at least 10 slides, not including the title slide and reference slide. Make sure to cite all sources used including your textbook. Save your presentation as a PDF file and submit your assignment to your professor.

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