Risk Assessment Essay


Part 1: Discuss the results of your risk assessment. In what areas are you most risk tolerant or adverse? What meaning do you attach to these results?

Part 2: Consider various business risks over the next two years in ONE of the following areas: 

  • your professional industry / industry of interest
  • your employer

Which risks are most serious? Which risks are most likely to occur? What financial impact would they have? What steps have been taken (or should be taken) to identify the risks? Eliminate or decrease uncertainty? Mitigate risk? The Business Planning article on Mitigating Risk should be especially helpful.

  • Avoid any confidential and political areas.
  • Include some detail regarding unusual or less common risks in your chosen area.
  • Avoid areas that might need extensive background information.
  • Notice this discussion is worth 20 points!
  • Between 200 to 300 words


Use this URL for reference on mitigating risk for help with part 2:



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