The Richardson Bros. Department Store (Los Angeles) Case Study


The Richardson Bros store at Los Angeles in California is faced with common workplace problems such as bullying, incivility and workers motivation:


You are required to analyze the case study and suggest methods of motivating employees by using appropriate employee empowerment and goals setting. Be sure to include all the following elements in you response paper:

1. Case Study Analysis using Theories of Frustration, Aggression and Empowerment of Employees

2. Departmental Heads’ Evaluation by use of VIE and Equity Theories in Regards to Valence, Instrumentality, Expectancy, Input and Outcome Elements

3. Workplace Bullying and Incivility

4. Ways of Motivating Employees using theories of Employee Empowerment and Goals Setting.



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    The Richardson Bros. Department Store (Los Angeles) Case Study

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