Rhetorical Analysis essay


Short Essay :Rhetorical Analysis

Due Date: 3/24

Assignment: In 750+ words, write a rhetorical analysis comparing and contrasting two advertisements. These ads should be linked somehow: they could advertise similar productions, use similar approaches, be aimed at the same audience, etc.

Describe the ads, including details relevant to your analysis, and then describe the claims, situations, audiences, and purposes of the ads: what are they trying to say, to whom do they say it, and why dothey take this particular approach?

Your goal should be to help your readers understand the relevant contexts of the ads, how the ads work within those contexts to persuade their readers, which ad is more likely to persuade its readers and why. Include copies of the ads(or a link to them)with your essay.

By the time they finish your essay, your readers should know which ad is more likely to be successful and why.

Audience: College students and community members who are interested in rhetorical analysis but who may not know much about the specific advertisements or products/services you are discussing. While they will need context for your analysis, they will be familiar with technical terms such as logos, ethos and pathos.

Other Notes: Avoid the word “I” in this paper. Make sure to back up your analysis with supporting evidence from the adsthemselves or other sources. Making strong use of details, both about the ads and their contexts/audiences, will be essential.

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