Revised Short Fiction or Poetry Explication Paper


The purpose of this assignment is to finish revising ONE of your two previous papers (short fiction analysis or poetry explication) and to prepare to extend it by finding outside sources that enhance your understanding of your topic. As part of this process, you will give and receive feedback from your peer review group.

DAY 1: 

Revise (finishing this revision before Week 5 is highly recommended): Using your instructor's feedback from either your short fiction analysis paper or your poetry explication, revise your paper as it presently exists--that is, before you have added outside sources. This means re-checking any grammar or sentence structure problems, fixing any awkward or unclear language, etc. 

Post your revised paper in the forum for your Peer Review group members to read by 11:59 p.m. EST, Monday, March 7 (5 points).

Review the Literary Analysis Research Paper Instructions and Literary Analysis Research Paper Rubric posted under Course Resources on the course home page.  As you review your group members’ drafts, consider how well they followed the assignment guidelines.

Select TWO rough drafts from your peer group to review.  Note: You and your group members are free to determine whose rough drafts you review, but each person should have their rough draft reviewed by two others in the peer review group and should complete two reviews of fellow peer review group members. (5 points each; 10 points total)

 Download the Peer Review Worksheet (available under the Course Resources home page of this course) and fill out one copy for each draft you choose to review.  As you complete each worksheet, follow these guidelines:

  • The goal of the peer review is to provide honest and constructive feedback to help your group members improve their own analyses and writing.
  • Cite specific examples that support your review, whether giving praise, providing constructive criticism, or offering advice on how your group members may improve their papers.  Please quote specific sentences or passages if necessary to help the writer understand what you mean. 
  • Post a completed Peer Review Worksheet to BOTH of the group members whose drafts you reviewed by 11:59 p.m. EST, Tuesday March 8.
  • Confirm with your peer review group members when you have received their feedback.  If you have not received feedback from two members of your group, please contact your instructor.
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