Image comparison (the work)

While looking at the two images, there are several aspects that can be pointed out to be similar. There are several differences aspects between the two images. Looking at the first image, it brings out clearly a context of two individuals of the same sex who appears to be in their right conscience. On the other hand, the other image brings out an aspect where the female character appears not to be in her right human conscience. Looking at the background of the images (Machin 2010). It seems rather clear that for the first image, the background depicts that the characters in the photo were in a broad daylight context. On the contrary, the second image brings out an aspect of darkness probably taken at night but in a well-lit room.

However, there are several aspects that seem similar to the two images. The first aspect that gets to the attention of the onlooker (Coleman 2015) is that among the two images, the characters are similar. In this case, the two images bring out an issue of two characters each but not belonging to the same gender. Another aspect that seems similar is that the two men in the pictures are portrayed to be caring. The first one shows his compassion for the lady and the second one, he seems to be looking and taking care of an unconscious lady.

·         Revise and refine your paragraphs for the Creativity and Entertainment section of the website from Milestone 3. Be sure to include a paragraph about how and why you made the changes that you did.

·         Check your MLA citations and make sure you’ve properly cited the two images you selected.


·         Write one paragraph which discusses how you addressed the feedback you got from your peers and the editor.


·         Please remember to also include a reflection paragraph discussing the changes you made. Here's the way it is described in the grading rubric:



·         Submitted 1 connection paragraph reflecting on changes and revisions made. Incorporated concepts from textbook readings into revised paragraphs.


Feedback from teacher and peer below

Great examples for comparison and contrast.
For the revision due next week, be sure to watch your sentence boundaries.
Here is an example of a fragmented sentence:
'Looking at the background of the images (Machin 2010)."

·         I enjoyed reading your look on these images.  I did spot a few places that seemed to have some punctuation problems, but nothing major.  Great job!






Works cited

Coleman, Rebbecca. Transforming Images: Screens, Affect, Futures International Library of Sociology. London, Routledge, 2015

Machin, David. Analysing Popular Music: Image, Sound and Text. Newcastle. SAGE, 2010




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