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Submitted by jamej2 on Sun, 2012-07-22 11:09
due on Thu, 2012-07-26 11:06
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Review the following information from the article “A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the New Orleans Flood Protection System” by Stéphane Hallegatte (2005): Hallegatte, an environmentalist, assigns a probability (p) of a Katrina-like hurricane of 1/130 in his c


Submitted by amyjhon2013 on Tue, 2014-12-23 21:35
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Module 5: Assignment —The Case For, or Against, New Orleans

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xxx xxxx xxxx or xxxxxxxx New xxxxxxx

Throughout, this xxxxxx’x xxxxxxx xxxxx have xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx which xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx created xxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx appeared xx xx going xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx when Hurricane xxxxxxx xxx xxx port city xx New xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx or the “Big Easy” as the city is commonly xxxxxx xx August xxx 2005, xxxxxxxxx Katrina struck a city xxxxx xx major fishing xxx tourism xxxxxxxxxxx xxx most of xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxx city xxx xxxx areas xx xxxxx and impecunious areas xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxx to change. xxx xx much xxxxxxxx catastrophe xxxxxxxx the levees xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx of the xxxx in water causing xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx billion in xxxxxxxx damages. xx xxxxxxxx xxx state xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx close to xxx quarter xxxxxxx jobs.

xxx xxxxx struck xxxxxxxx at the xxxx of New xxxxxxxx xxx levees failed and record xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx over the city.

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Submitted by Good_Morning on Sat, 2015-10-31 05:08
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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the New Orleans Flood Protection System

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A xxxxxxxxxxxx Analysis of the xxx Orleans xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx System

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“A xxxxxxxxxxxx Analysis of xxx New Orleans xxxxx Protection xxxxxx”

•xxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx Orleans: Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)

We xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx information:

Probability xxx xxxxxxx like hurricane xx xxxxx 1/130. The probability xxx xxxxx floods xxxxxxx greater xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx for katrina like xxxxxxxxxx Expected xxxxx xxx response xx xxxxxxx xx given xx xxxxxxxxxx in xxxx while expected value xxx response xx katrina xx given $81 xxxxxxx xx xxxxx Probability of xxx land xx xxx level xx below xxx level is given as xxxx The xxxxxxxxxxx xxx flood xx given as 63%.

xxx analysing the xxxx benefit, the above xxxxxxxxxxx write xx xxx statistical xxxxx as follow:

P(katrina-like xxxxxxxxxx = xxxxx x 0.007692

P(other xxxxxxx > xxxxx xx 0.007692

E(response xxxxxxxx = $14 xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx

E(response xxxxxxxx =$81 billion [for xxxxx

P(land below xx at xxx level) x 50% x xxxx

xxxxxxx floods) = xxx = 0.63

xx are given,

P(katrina-like xxxxxxxxxx x 1/130 x 0.007692


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Submitted by neel on Thu, 2012-07-26 05:16
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Cost benefit analysis of Rebuilding New Orleans

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here you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Rebuilding New Orleans


In order to protect xxx xxxx of New xxxxxxx from the disastrous impacts of xxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx need to xxxxxx at a decision with xxxxxxx xx implementation xx x xxxxx protection xxxx in the xxxxx However, like all xxxxxxxxxx this decision too is based xx xxxxxxxxxxx This implies xxxx if these assumptions xx xxx one of them is changed, xx will xxxx to a xxxxxxxxxx different xxx xx recommendations. xxxxx normal circumstances, xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx on xxx standard xxxxx xxxxx analysis, one can xxxxxx conclude xxxx x xxxxxxxx 5 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx not required. But once you start xxxxxx xxxx consideration the ongoing xxxxxx xx climate xxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx changes xx the environment, xxxxxxxxxxx of other disasters arising at xxx same xxxx xx al leads one xx conclude xxxx a category x xxxxxxxxx protections xx xxxxxxxxx important to insulate the xxxx from the damage xxxxxxxxx xx

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file2.doc preview (2209 words)

Running Head: xxxxxxxxxxxx NEW xxxxxxx 1 REDEVELOPING NEW ORLEANS � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx New xxxxxxx

The xxxx For, or Against, xxx Orleans

xxxx xx

xxx xxxx of xxx xxxxxxx xx experiencing x xxxx xxxxxx economy xxxxx xxxx and the investors xxxx spent $5.3 xxxxxxx on it xx 2012 which is remarkable. The city now xxx plans xx xxxxxx the xxxxxx xx years to xxxx which xxxx be xxxxxxx xx xxx leaders xx xxx city in 2010 xx order to attract 13.7 xxxxxxx visitors xxx xxxx generating xxx xxxxxxx xx the year xxxx xxx city’s xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xx all xxxx this city has xxxxxx very xxxxxxxxx xx USA because of its long xxxxxxx xxx it xx xxxx very xxxxxxxxx xxx xx the financial wallop it has.

xxx xxxx xxxx is xxxxxxxxx the US xxxx a huge xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx the xxxxxxx and xxx xxx food and in fact the xxxxx in xxx city xxx xxxx important and thus xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx amount xx xxx revenue xxxxx xxx exceeded xxxx xxx revenue from xxxxxxxxx

Twenty xxxxxxx xx xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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