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Return on Investment – Education Funding


Return on Investment – Education Funding

Develop a three- to four-page analysis, excluding the title page and reference page(s), on the projected return on investment for your college education and projected future employment.  This analysis will consist of two parts.

First, explain how you made the decision to pursue a degree in Business or Finance. In your explanation, include a summary of expenses related to that decision. Also, include things like cost of tuition, cost of books, and the interest that you may pay on any loans.

Next, conduct research on your desired occupation and identify how much compensation (return) you expect to earn. How long will it take to pay back the return on this investment?  Be sure to consider the trade-off between the cost of education and the expected return on investment.  

Your paper should be comprehensive and it should include specific examples. Format your paper according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center and include at least two references from articles in the Ashford University Library or other scholarly sources.

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Return on Investment Education Funding

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xxxxxxx head: RETURN ON xxxxxxxxxx – EDUCATION FUNDING � PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Return on xxxxxxxxxx – xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx



xxxxxx xx Investment – Education xxxxxxxx

Attending college or university xx an investment that xxxxxxxx time and xxxxxx xxxx (2012) xxxxxxxxx recommends xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx with a xxxxxx of xxxxxxxx a degree xxxxxx consider xxxxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxxx pay xxx in the xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx of a college degree xx xxxxxxxx xx terms xx its Return xx xxxxxxxxxx (ROI) xxxxx xx the starting salary and xxxxxxxx earnings. ROI is x popular measure that xx xxxx to assess the efficiency of x certain investment xx to carry out x xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx efficiency xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx investments. xxx is mostly xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxx simplicity xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx In xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx the return/benefit xx a certain investment is xxxxxxx by xxx expense/cost xx that particular xxxxxxxxxxx The final result is expressed as x ratio

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