Resumes and Cover Letters


Project 3- Resumes/Cover Letters.

Task: For this assignment, you will compose several different types of resumes  including:

1. Chronological- no more than 1 page

2. Functional- 1-2 pages

3. E-mail resume/ Cover letter- 1 page 

5. Thank You Note- a paragraph or two

The resume is probably the most valuable document you will compose during your college career. With that said, however, it is also most likely one of the only documents that is in constant need of revision and updating. Each one of the above resume styles has its own criteria and guidelines, but all are representative of the leading types applicable to today's work force.

What You'll Need to Do: 

Each of you will select a job ad for which you could submit chronological, a functional, and an e-mail resume/Cover Letter.  

Since it is customary to write a Thank You Note after having received an interview, you will need to compose one of these as well. This Thank You Note can reflect any recent interview you may have actually gone on, or be a fictitious one you create for the job ad you're using for this assignment. 

You should submit the job ad along with the separate types of resumes to Turnitin as one document.

General Requirements:

Each different resume and thank should follow its own set of guidelines and criteria.

Each resume and letter should be tailored to fit the specific job ad(s). There should be obvious evidence in each resume that you've addressed the needs of the position listed in the ad.-  

Each resume and letter should be free of misspellings and grammatical errors-.

Chronological:25 points 
Functional:25 points
Cover Letter/Email:25 points
Thank You Note:25 points


Projects submitted without a job advertisement will be docked 25 points. 

Failure to submit the final copies of the resumes, will result in a 10 point deduction for each day that the entire project is not turned in.

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