Resume and Cover Letter


This assignment will allow you to draft a resume and cover letter and get it reviewed by your instructor.  There are actually four steps to this assignment.

  1. Draft a resume (see below)
  2. Draft a cover letter (also see below)
  3. Submit your resume and cover letter to me by the due dates.  I will provide you with feedback on it.
  4. Depending on the quality of your documents, I may send them back for revisions.

Now, for more detail on the resume and cover letters:

Your resume should have the following:

  • Personal information
  • Objective and/or summary
  • Relevant work experience
  • Education / training

Your resume should be formatted in a way that makes it easy to find the information that will present you as a viable candidate for open positions.  It should be clear, clean and completely without spelling or grammar errors.

If you have questions about the best way to format your resume, go back to the information I posted in module 1 and visit the websites to see examples and strategies for building a resume.

Your cover letter should tell me what you can do and what makes you stand out among others as being a good candidate for a specific job that you may be applying for.  It should realistically present your skills, your genuine interest in the company, and how your skill can help the employer as it works to achieve its mission.

In your cover letter, DO NOT:

  • Say how cool it would be to work for the company – The employer already believes that.
  • Talk about what you will get from working for the company – That shows that you are in it for yourself.
  • Tell the employer that it will fulfill a lifelong dream to work for the company.

Instead, show how your skills, knowledge, etc. can help the employer.  What do you bring to the employer?  Focus on that.  And, if you can point to things that are on your resume, even better.

Let me know if you have questions.  I have attached two templates that can be useful for this assignment.

Non-Ed Resume (002) (1).docPreview the documentView in a new window

Non-Ed Cover Letter with Table.docxPreview the documentView in a new window


Submission of Resume and Cover Letter
Submission of Resume and Cover Letter
Resume contains all the required sections, is well formatted, and error free.
30.0 pts
Cover letter contains all requisite parts and is well formatted and written.
20.0 pts
Total Points: 50.0
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