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An often made perception in the restaurant business is that value is found in the product. References are made to portion sizes or included appetizers (or 3 course meals for a flat rate). Impacting this perspective of value is a viable solution for increasing guest counts. What this perspective takes for granted is that when guests choose a location for dining out, they choose a location based on a desired experience. Whereas something like portion size may be an aspect of the desired experience, the experience is multifaceted. Another significant aspect is the desired level of service, fine dining compared to QSR for example. Service can be broadened to encompass the whole of the experience within a restaurant, including food quality, and could then be considered a singular product. It is this product (service:experience) where the guest determines value.

After reading through chapters 12 and 13, as well as recalling previous reading from the textbook or externally, define "Service Profit Chain" and explain how you would impact the guest experience in your restaurant using the model of a service profit chain.  What are some key elements for your restaurant in providing a value to the guest in service, or overall experience? Evaluate the key elements for their influence on service:excellence and possible detractors.


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