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As urban populations grow, the need for potable water increases. Water shortages in the Middle East are causing families to move to overpopulated areas. Some of these families, which depended on agriculture or ranching as a means of living, have found the need to leave their careers behind and venture into city life. Saudi Arabia believes that the shortage in water will mean a lot of their produce will have to be imported because there won't be enough water for farming.Other countries have started to implement regulations on water used for farming, as it is known that it can be very wasteful. In addition to careless use of water resources in the farming industry, another great problem is caused by the improper disposal of run-off water from these crops. The fertilizers that are carried with this overflow are contaminating the rivers it is discharged to and thus further limiting the clean water available for human consumption.

 The water shortage is worsened by the heat waves that have struck the area, with increased frequency and intensity in the last few years. Countries like Algeria have noticed that what used to be siroccos or "hot blasts of wind from the Sahara" have now converted to heat waves. These heat waves sometimes last up to forty days or more. The high heat is aiding in the evaporation of surface water, leaving only aquifers as a resource.

Policy makers are working together with scientists and considering different options to solve this water crisis.

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