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Domestic abuse laws are ever changing laws that stick out prevalently in my mind when I think about laws that have changed or need changed as we move forward toward the future.  In fact there was a time in our history where domestic violence was considered to be a normal part of life and relationships.  Having clear cut guidelines on domestic violence has allowed police officers better asses situations when they are called to respond to calls that involve domestic disputes.  The definition of domestic abuse has moved from only being abuse of a wife and children but the abuse of husbands by wives as well.  "Most jurisdictions in the U.S.A.define the behavior of wife abuse or intimate violence as domestic violence. Criminal codes specifically listing the behavior as a crime (rather than merely addressing it within the general law of assault) refer to it as family or domestic violence."  I think to make these changes more effective we should include training that teaches individuals to conceal or move past their own personal biases to domestic violence, especially when the abused party is the husband instead of the wife.  We have a way of viewing this situation that prevents many men from reporting their abusers.

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