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At the school, I am working at students participate in quarterly testing (practice end of grade test). These tests are scored from one to five, one is the lowest and five is the highest. Three to five are considered passing. When looking at the scores from the last quarterly testing most of the students scored a two to four on reading and a two in math. The class received a 58% with the school average being 54% so they are above the school however looking at individual test not very many would be considered passing.


As a class the class has made a goal to increase the class reading and math scores by 20 points on the next quarterly testing. So, students learning goal for reading will be to continue working hard in their rotations for reading and math and focusing what is important in each of their rotations. Students understand how important it is to focus on the task at hand and to always ask if they do not understand. Students are aware that the work that is to be completed in rotations are to help them work toward their goal on the quarterly and end of grade test.

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