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Peer 1

American Indian Movement 

 At Home:

·         What conditions existed which created the need for this movement.  


o    AIM (American Indian Movement) was created so that the Indians could voice how they felt about sovereignty and racism. American Indians wanted their native culture restored and fix other issues that they were faced with like education and employment programs.


·         What did this movement accomplish?

·          The biggest accomplishment of the American Indian Movement was the perception of Native Americans in the eyes of America. Better living conditions and being able to raise their families without racism is also a huge accomplishment for the Native Americans


·         What was the United States Government’s response to this movement?

·         After the Native Americans made themselves visible by taking over places that were considered abandoned such as Alcatraz and Wounded knee protesting the government's Indian policy the United States Government became more responsive to the Native American activists and granted them important control over reservation policies and programs for economics and education (Barnes & Bowles, 2014).


·         What is an issue that remains to this day? 

An issue that remains to this day is one that remains with most ethnic groups, discrimination. Poor relationships with the Native Americans even after AIM first started many years ago there still is racism and discrimination just like with other ethnic groups such as African Americans and many others. The United States is terrible about racism, and in my opinion, this should stop so that we can all live peacefully among each other and stop hating others over something that has happened centuries ago.



·         Abroad: How did the United States’ relationship to the world change during the Cold War, and to what extent did this pave the way for the events that we are witnessing in the world today? Provide at least one specific example of a foreign policy event which took place during the Cold War to support your position.

·         The Truman Doctrine shaped United States approach to the Cold War by justifying the influence and growth of democracy and resisting the spread of communism (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). This policy is still noticeable in the world today as America is still trying to stop the spread of communist terrorism. The United States is still going to war to enforce the stopping of terrorism by helping other countries get rid of them not to mention protecting our country as well. 






I have decided to write this week’s discussion on the women’s right’s movement since this is the topic that I have chosen for my final assignment.  During the era of the mid-1800’s many American women started to become involved with lots of different movements and topics that mattered a great deal to them. For example: they became involved in the struggle to abolish slavery, they were involved with trying to put an end to child labor, and with the battle to outlaw alcohol among many other movements, they were very passionate about these different topics and had put a great deal of effort into them. However, women were very limited to the things that they were allowed to do since they had very little rights at this time. Some women accepted their place in society as it was and seen no need to change the fact that women did not have equal rights. There was a lot of women though that did not accept the fact that women did not have equal rights, they found this unfair and fought hard to achieve equal rights in society. This is what started the women’s right’s movement.


The women’s rights movement accomplished many different things for women. Eventually the movement gave women the right to vote, the right to sit in on juries, it earned them the right to equal pay and it also allowed them to apply at jobs that they were not previously allowed to apply for.


The response to the women’s rights movement from the government was that initially they had tried to dismiss the movement. However, after a while the government decided to set up some special government departments to help with the movement.


One of the most significant issues that still exist in today’s society concerning the women’s rights movement, is the right to equal pay. Even though women had been fighting for many years to have equal rights and it was determined that they had the right to equal pay there are still some companies out there that do not give equal pay to women as they do with men. In an article that I read on this topic it explained: “ The demand for better jobs, work conditions, and security inevitably follows such changing expectations: G&D fail to distinguish between females who have an instrumental attachment to work as opposed to those who see it as a source of social statues.” (William F. Mitchell 1983)



The United States relationship to the world had changed during the cold war by the United States wanting to reshape the world according to their own beliefs and their own values. One significant example of a foreign policy event which took place during the cold war was a policy developed called containment. This policy was developed to try and stop the spread of communism.



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