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For this assignment, you will write a review of the background literature on your selected topic using the 10 sources you gathered in your Annotated Bibliography. This paper is objective in nature; you are not going to pick a side to argue yet. The purpose of the literature review is to survey and explain existing research on your chosen topic. As a phase of your final project, it will support your argumentative essay, since you will be identifying and clarifying two sides of the issue. Please see rubric for details on these criteria.


You must include the following sections to receive full credit:

  • Correct MLA citation style: First page includes name, professor, class, and date in upper left-hand corner.  Pages are numbered with student’s last name in upper right-hand corner beginning on second page.  See pages 308-317 inThe Curious Researcher for a sample student paper in MLA style.
  • Multiple sections summarizing the two main points or sides of your issue: It is a good idea to split your paper up into different sections (with subtitles) that break the paper up for the reader (in addition to the introduction and conclusion). Because this paper is preparing you to write an argument, please organize your sections according to two sides of your issue. Use your sources to support each side objectively. DO NOT TAKE AN ARGUMENTATIVE STANCE IN THIS PAPER! Your job is to simply summarize, paraphrase, and quote your findings, putting them in conversation with each other.
  • Works Cited Page in MLA format: Alphabetical order by author (use double spacing and indenting as shown in the sample student paper). Use standard MLA citation format

Please Use the attached 10 sources in this essay

based on your answer. 10 sources that you used


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