Research Reports


DUE: 09.25.14 @ 12:00pm


Paper Requirements:


>Use standard margins: 1" on all sides.

>Use standard 12-point font size.

>Use standard double-spacing: average of 22 lines per page, and between 20 and 

24 lines per page.

>Use left-aligned text. Do not right-justify.

>There should be no spaces between paragraphs within the paper.

>When citing a quote of more than four lines, you should indent the entire quoted passage 10 spaces from the left margin. It is not necessary to indent these block quotes from the right margin. Continue with the usual double-spacing, and give the usual acknowledgements at the end of the quote. Block quotes do not require quotation marks.

>MS Word Document

>5 pages, at least

>apa citation

>at least 3 sources

>I ABSOLUTELY need in depth analysis 

 >please, NO plagiarism!


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