Research Paper 1: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS across the Border for MBA

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Group assignment

This assignment’s purpose is to perform a country analysis and assessment of a new emerging market where rapid GDP growth before the 2008 (Global financial crisis) created attractive investment opportunities.

There are inter-related components of this assignment:

a)      Business Report

You will form groups of 3 to 4 students (number negotiated with the lecturer)

Each group will be required to pick one of the following countries and perform an assessment of its potential and opportunity for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Countries: China, India, Russia, Thailand, Eastern European countries, etc. Country is to be chosen by the group.

Your report must address the following key areas:

·         General overview of the country or region

·         Political, Economic, Socio-cultural and Technological influences/benefits/ advantages

·         National resource and factor endowments that create competitive advantage

·         Foreign currency and exchange influences

·         The countries existing trade policies, systems, barriers and incentives

·         Existing levels of Foreign Direct Investment

·         Summary and recommendation based on your assessment

You will present the findings of your research topic along with written report in Week 7 Class.

You will need to cite material from academic texts or articles or official sources, e.g. government reports, and the final report MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

The lecturer will provide students with a Guide to Business Writing.

All reports must contain in-text citation and an accurate and complete set of references at the end of the paper.

Your report and presentation will be assessed as follows:

·         Group Presentation

·         Report structure, written presentation

·         Executive Summary

·         Knowledge of concepts and course material

·         Investigative and research skills shown

·         Overall impression of excellence



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Research Paper 1: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS across the Border for MBA

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