Research article


This assignment will require each student to locate and read an article related to restaurants. The written assignment assigned related to this article will include the following: (1) Heading (name of the article, author(s), name of journal, and source of where/how found the article); (2) A summary of the article in your own words including key points of information; (3) How it relates to a topic covered in this class (Text: The Restaurant Manager's handbook ISBN: 978-0-910627-97-9; and (4) How the information may relate to or be useful in a potential career setting that you may see yourself in sometime in the future; and (4) Include a citation of the article for reference in APA format (See website on how to cite sources using APA style: You are required to get prior approval of the article to make sure that no one does the same article, so it would be highly recommended that you find and get your article approved as soon as possible.   Please attach a copy of the article to the paper.

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