To start your research, the first two segments of your paper will be the Problem Statement and Research Objectives sections. You will start your final project with this assignment and revise the project throughout the course. For further insight detailing how this assignment aligns with the final paper, please review the Week 7 assignment details. 

  • Write a paper of approximately 450 words that answers the following: 
    • Problem Statement
      • Identify a business problem to research for the final project.
      • Write a brief history and/or context of the problem, including why this is a problem and the consequences of the problem. 
    • Research Objectives
      • Explain how you plan to apply the methods of scientific inquiry to research the business.
      • Describe how you plan to apply ethical guidelines and standards when writing your research proposal for your final project. 
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      RES-600 Paper

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      To start your research, the first two …