For our Unit 5 discussion, we will discuss how repaying crime victims can be required. In what ways should victims be compensated for having been victimized? Discuss a specific crime and how you would allocate a monetary repayment to the victim based on the crime. What crimes cannot be repaid to the victim or the victim's family? How do you address these crimes?

Support your work with APA references. 



1)With most every crime comes the need for counseling to be able to cope with what all happened. I feel like in the situation of rape, attempted murder, and armed robbery, the victim should receive counseling at the expense of the perpetrator. In the crime of assault and rape, the offender should have to pay all medical bills that accumulate over the period of time it takes to make the person healthy again. Each state has a crime victim compensation fund to help victims and victims' families out. "Today, compensation programs across the country are paying out close to $500 million annually to more than 200,000 victims.” ( These programs help with all types of costs that might come up after the crime is over. I feel that there is monetary value that could touch murder. Murderers should have to pay for counseling for the family, but even that is not enough. Nothing will ever bring that person back to life. The National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Board helps families with funeral and burial costs, but even though this may take the monetary stress off the family, they are still having to go through the grieving process. "Victims of rape, assault, child sexual abuse, drunk driving, and domestic violence, as well as the families of homicide victims, are all eligible to apply for financial help." ( The one thing that law enforcement can do to help the victim or their family, is to help find whoever committed the crime.



2)Burglary is a crime that can not only cause physical damages to your home and things, loss of items, but also a psychological fear that may not ever go away. Homes are our safe haven, this a place where we can relax, have fun, and not worry about someone coming in and stealing your things and your joy. These victims need to be compensated for any physical damages that were done to the home. These victims need to also be compensated monetarily for the things that may have been stolen, for the loss of wages because of days off from work due to the court dates that need to be attended. I also think that the victims of this crime need to be monetarily compensated for mental anguish and fear. If you are a victim of a crime that was invoked during self-initiated criminal activity, you, nor your family, will be compensated (for an example, someone cannot be compensated for being shot while drug dealing) ( Victims of Crime ). When victims are compensated, it is ordered by the judge which can be paid directly from the fines and costs, through court-ordered probation, or the crimes victim compensation program, which they are in effect in all 50 states. When someone loses a life through a senseless act, there is no monetarily amount that can ever be awarded to the victims family that could ever replace their lost loved one's life.




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