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You are nearing the end of the Freshman Seminar, which has had its focus on the general education skill of Communication. Seminar courses that you may take in the future while you are a Rasmussen student focus on other general education skills, including critical thinking, information literacy, and diversity awareness. The approach for each of these will be to explore the value of these concepts, and then to look at how they are applied in the various parts of your chosen program as you prepare for a specific career. In the Module 06 discussion of this course, you will examine the relationship between communication and critical thinking as you look ahead.

For this week's Module 05 discussion posting,

  1. In two or three sentences, please summarize what you have learned about communication to date.
  2. Then choose one of the following additional general education skills to define: Information Literacy or Diversity Awareness. As part of your definition, explain why you think it is important to learn about one of these concepts as part of your academic program and career path.
  3. Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student's post by the end of the week. After you read the other posts, you may want to respond to an especially interesting application of one of these ideas.


Post 2

When a contract is drawn up that becomes void due to illegality, do you believe that it involves the commission of a crime? Has a crime been committed by either party since the contract has been labeled as illegal? Why or why not? 


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Search the Internet and locate at least two different websites that assist with financial statements and analysis, or that assist you in researching stocks on the Internet. List which ones you located. Which ones did you find to be more valuable? Why?




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