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Reflex Systems Case Analysis

Using the textbook: Daft, Richard L. & Marcic, Dorothy.

(2013).Understanding Management (8th ed.) Mason, OH:

South-Western-Cengage Learning. 13-
978-1-111-58024-7 pg 432-433

Case of Critical Analysis

Reflex Systems


1. What personality and behavior characteristics does Henry Rankin exhibit? Do you think these trait contribute to a good person job fit for him? If you were an executive coach hire to help Ranking be a better manager, what would you say to him? Why?

2. Doe Rankin display type A or type B behavior? What are the cause of stress for his team?

3. If you were Rankin, how would you have handled your team members (Sally Phillips, Bob Finley, and Lynne Johnston)? Be specific. What insights or behaviors would make Rankin a better manager?