reflective paper


            Students will compose an end of term final reflection examining questions first presented in the course and relate their understanding to the KEEPS claims. Students will write 5-7 pages ,incorporating 5 of the course readings to reflect on the following:

1- what are the characteristics  of a good school?

2- what basic things should students learn?

3- What is the teachers role in a good school?

4- how do students learn?

5- what motivates students to be involved and to learn?

6- how is it determined that students are learning what they're supposed to?

In your paper, describe and explain which of the following KEEPS claims you feel this reflective paper relates to:

Knowledge 1: students -of teaching/teacher education- are intellectually rooted in the liberal and science and the foundation of education.

Knowledge 7: students-of teaching/ teacher education- integrate and use knowledge of self, family, school, community and professional resources and literature to construct new knowledge.

Enquiry2: students -of teaching/teacher education- know how to frame meaningful questions and locate relevant resources to support the study of teaching and learning.

Pluralism1: Students - of teaching/ teachers education- know about the socio-cultural/ linguistic pluralism.

* make sure to cite at least five quotations. 



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