Reflective Essay


Reflective Essay

The essay you will construct should be written from your perspective on issues addressed in the class. The final version of the essay will ask you to identify and research the causes and consequences an environmental issue that affects your home town or region and its socio-economic impacts.

This first draft of the essay should be a minimum of 2 pages of text (double spaced and size 12 fonts) and must also contain a developed annotated bibliography that identifies references to the environmental issue, some sociological consequences and economic costs.  See example

The final version of essay will require you to expand on the first essay to more specifically address what actions has the community taken in an effort to response to the environmental impact (social activities, political and economic decisions), this should be summative, asking you to express how you personally can help to contribute to the resolution of the environmental issue that you identified. The final essay should be between 8 and 10 pages in length (double spaced and size 12 fonts) .

 The combined drafts will contribute 100 points toward the course grade (each version will be evaluated as25 and 75 points respectively).When writing the essay please consult the rubric to ensure you receive the maximum number of points. The essays will be submitted electronically through the Blackboard site.

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