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Recruitment process

You are the Vice President of Human Resources at Community State University. The President of the University has just informed you that the Maintenance Department is experiencing a high turnover rate in addition to an increase in disciplinary actions. You have been asked to created an effective recruitment process and discuss how recruitment can be tied to an increase in disciplinary actions. Find an article that focuses on recruitment and discipline within the workplace, specifically within the educational system. Prepare a 2,500 word essay outlining the pros and cons of having an effective recruitment and disciplinary process in the workplace. Essay will be in APA format along with 4 references in Times New Roman, 12 pt, and doubled spaced.



Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Developed a recruitment process that will help to eliminate an increase in turnover.


Discussed the disciplinary process and tied it to recruitment.

Outlined the pros and cons of not having an effective recruitment and disciplinary model in place.
Applied various HR laws or theories. 
Submitted by ProfessorJames on Sun, 2013-12-01 12:59
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xxxxxxx head: HUMAN RESOURCES xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx

Human xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xx Phoenix

December xx xxxx

xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Compliance and Ethics

xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx nearly xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx responsible xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx laws xxxxx xxx xxx is xxx Equal Employment xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx (EEOC) xxxxxx xxxxx xxx relationship xxxxxxx employers and xxx xxxx under the xxx xxxx xx intricate xxxx in the decisions the County xx Sacramento xxxxx relating xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx best people xxxx a xxxxxxx population xxx taking advantage xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx energy. xx also xxxxx xxx EEO eliminates barriers to xxxxxx that xxx potential employees are xxxxxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxxx and xxxx xxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxx to xxxxx maximum xxxxxxxxxx In other words, organizations must set aside preconceptions to xxxx xxx most xx xxxxxxxxx talent (EEOT, xxxxxx

xxxxxxxx at Least xxxx EEO Regulations

The County of xxxxxxxxxx

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