TMGT 7143 – ASSIGNMENT 2 – VER 3.0 JANUARY 18, 2013 – CLASSROOM DELIVERY TMGT 7143 Module 5 Assignment 2 TMGT 7143 Assignment 2 is due at the end of Module 5. Real Life Situation Prior to completing Submission Assignment # 2, it is suggested that you complete the Self-test questions in Module 5 of the manual. In this Submission Assignment, you will be using the information from Modules 2, 3, 4, and 5. You are to analyze and describe in detail a real life problem situation, such as a problem situation you are dealing with at the present time, and to identify a technique that will help you solve the problem. First, explain clearly: What the problem is Why it is a problem (think about the consequences of the problem if it is allowed to continue be unresolved) Then, describe in detail: What are you trying to accomplish and how using problem-solving techniques to expand your thinking, organize your thinking and/or gather more information would help? Choose one of the problem-solving techniques (e.g. rating, charting, double-reversal etc.) described in the course material suitable for helping to identify the root cause of your problem and/or solve the problem. Describe how you can use the technique to help identify the root cause of your problem and/or solve the problem. Do NOT simply describe the process in general. Give specific information about how the technique can be used to help find the root cause and/or solve your particular problem. Give example data, charts, diagrams etc. as required by the technique. Show the results of applying the technique to your problem.

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