Reading response


● Write a review for each of the 5 readings.

● Think critically. Cogitate, reflect upon what is being said.

● Answer the following questions for each reading:

1.     What is the reading about? What does the author(s) explore or discuss?

2.     What did you discover or stood out to you from the reading?

3.     What is the reader being asked to consider? May not be explicitly (plainly) stated.


Work quality

● Read each reading thoroughly.

● Answer the assigned questions.

● Give rigorous responses. Don’t be sparse.

● Use spell, grammar check. Precision counts. Work requiring revisions will be return for editing.

● Turn in each assignment on time.


Review format


● Typed, using size-12 font (in a style of your choosing), single-spaced.

● Print in advance, not just before class.

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