reading and reactions task, plus writing responses to other students comments



The powerpoints are large, I may need to share them via google drive or dropbox, message me which one will work best, I only managed to attach 2 out of 4


It's four models each model has a power point that will help u answer the question. So first you have to watch the PowerPoint and then answer the questions. 

Model one doesn't have discussion question but you will react to it. the attached power point 


We need to do this in 2 parts, you will provide me with the first sectio (150 words for each); After my fellow students post comments, I will send them to tou to provide the follow-up comments (100 words for each)


Discussion Response Instructions

You should have 2 responses to each question: an (1) initial response and a (2) follow-up response to another student’s response. Your initial response should be about ((150 words)). In addition, once you have made an initial response to a question, and others have as well, you should respond to one other student’s comments with a follow-up response of 100 words. Of course, you may respond to each question more than twice (besides the initial response and follow-up), if you want, but each question should have a minimum of 2 responses by each group member.







The Constitution creates the Electoral College system for electing our president. Do you think this system should be changed? Why or why not?






Watch one campaign commercial from the Obama campaign and one from the Romney campaign at this website:

After viewing the presidential campaign commercials, post the name of the commercials you viewed (located at the topic of viewing screen on the commercial) and discuss the commercials and whether the candidates were appealing to any of the factors discussed in the Lecture Presentation on How Do Voters Decide? For example, did the ads address issues or candidate perceptions or both?





Please briefly summarize one newspaper article related to topics discussed in the chapter and discuss your opinion on the issue. You should copy and paste the article below your response so that other group members can read your article if they want. You should not have the same article as another group member.

Newspaper Article Responses (from the Syllabus)

For 3 of the modules, you will be asked to summarize an online newspaper article from the websites listed above under Required Text and Reading. 

For the initial response

(1) briefly summarize the article;

(2) state your viewpoint on the issue with an explanation;

(3) paste the complete article below your response for others to read. 

For the follow-up response:

(1) you should respond to another group member’s initial response

Each group member should post a different newspaper article and these initial responses may be a little longer (200 

words or so) than the normal ones.

News Sources:

            New York Times,

            Washington Post

            Los Angeles Times

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