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1.  Describe the basic assertions of the “Broken Windows” theory. In other words, provide a general discussion of the theory that will provide why run-down neighborhoods create havens for criminal activity.  


2.  List the major findings of the

"Flint Neighborhood Foot Patrol

 Program" as mentioned in the textbook. If you can't find a little info on the flint neighborhood foot patrol on the internet its okay and I will get info from the book. What's your personal opinion 

 regarding the benefit of neighborhood foot 

 patrol (a community policing strategy) in 

 creating a trust between police and citizens?


3.  Define and describe the difference between

"Community-oriented policing" and 

"Problem-oriented policing."  List traits and characteristics of each and contrast their

similarity.  Do you believe these philosophies

of policing have accomplished their

objectives?  Why or why not do you believe

this?  (

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