READ below very clear before you TRY TO HELP. TIMING is important to me. Honesty is amazing too.


It is due in 16 hours exactly. for people who understand computer and not anyone please.

the first question is lestining to a cast and answering its question and the second is reading and answering. no need for sources. i want your words based on your reading and lestining. I want someone who respect timing. English is my second language, so don't make it sound fluent or from a native speaker. it's my first computer class, so take it easy please.(AGAIN, I DON'T WANT SOURCES. LISTEN TO THE LINK AND ANSWER THE 1ST QUESTION... 2ND QUESTION, READ ABOUT THE TOPIC AND GIVE ME YOUR WORDS WITH NO NEED FOR SOURCES) also, NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE.




Q1- Weekly Course Cast Report : ( HALF PAGE IS ENOUGH)

The website for the Coursecasts portion of your homework is:

Submit a report on what you learned from the most recent podcast.

What questions did the podcast answer for you?






Q2-Word 2013 essential training:( ONE PAGE IS ENOUGH)



1. Getting Started with Word 2013 

2. Editing Text

3. Formatting Text

4. Using Paragraph Formatting

5. Formatting Pages

Prepare a report that could be used to describe the features discussed within Word 2013.

What features are/would be important in your own workflow?

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