Read About Thesis Statement Development



Read About Thesis Statement Development


An essay’s thesis statement is very much like a paragraph’s topic sentence. As with the topic sentence, the thesis statement identifies the topic, along with the writer’s attitude, opinion, or point about the topic.


The thesis statement introduces the essay’s topic and the point about the topic. It should be a complete thought that provides direction for the essay, while previewing the essay’s main points. This statement is generally the last sentence of the introduction, preparing the reader for what is to come in the essay’s body.


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    This is a wide-open discussion on thesis statements. Answer each question in this discussion and post responses to several of your classmates' opinions. If you have experienced reading material without a thesis statement, relate your experience. Likewise, if you have read something that was noticeable clear and the thesis statement is worth discussion, post the paragraph or essay to the discussion for your classmates' review.

    Thesis statement discussion questions...


  • Why is it important to have a thesis statement?

  • Why should you begin writing with a tentative thesis statement?

  • What happens to the reader when a writer does not include or improperly writes a thesis statement?


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