Reaching your intended audience


Module 3 - Case

Reaching Your Intended Audience

Assignment Overview

During your Case 2 assignment, you were asked to map out the steps necessary for designing a media campaign. Effective communication strategies are essential to reach your target audience. However, the method needs to match the intended audience. In addition, working under budget constraints can be a daunting task and an area a health educator conducting a communication campaign needs to account for.

Case Assignment

  1. Identify at least 4 different methods to reach an intended audience.
  2. Describe each identified method of reaching an intended audience and provide examples of the method in use, related to a health topic of your choice.
  3. Provide at least 3 different budget strategies a health educator could use when implementing a health communication plan.

Assignment Expectations

Length: 2–3 pages.

Your work will be evaluated based on the performance assessment grading rubric criteria. Review it before you begin working on the assignment.

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